One of my favorite things about social media interaction is that it is free publicity. Sometimes it can feel like shouting into the wind, but the key is to engage and interact with people in order to get a group together who values the expertise you have to share. This group then shares with others, creating a valuable word-of-mouth channel.

Having a blog isn’t the only way to attract clients. The idea is to generate valuable content to attract and retain the interest of potential clients by establishing your expertise. However, you can attract your target market (your ideal client) through any number of ways. For example, if you’re a doctor, you don’t have time to sit down and write a blog post and a ghostwriter would most likely not accurately capture your medical knowledge, so you need other ways to spread the word about your practice that will pinpoint your target market more accurately than a blog anyway.

My purpose is to analyze your needs and create a social media and marketing campaign that fits your desired goals and best reaches your ideal client. More free apps are being developed every day and you need someone who’s treading water in those deep oceans to help you navigate your way. Fill out the form below and I’d be happy to discuss if I’m the right fit for your needs. Look forward to hearing from you!

I very much appreciate [Christy’s] expertise in working with my practice over the past year. She is professional, she is efficient, and she is a subject-matter expert. Her contributions have been very valuable. I appreciate her work. I do not hesitate to recommend her consultation services to other physicians and business owners.
Pain Management Physician

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Marketing is a full-time job, and when I’m working constantly as an author and freelance editor, I have few moments left to concentrate on social media and advertising. Christy has done a remarkable job for me; she’s custom-fitted her expertise to my needs, taking over many tasks I simply don’t have time to do, and freeing me to write and edit. I highly recommend her services.

Tamara Shoemaker

Author/ Freelance Editor

My management style is that everything is about relationships. Get the right people to work with you, give them what they want to be successful, be clear how to define success…then get out of that talented person’s way! Oh, and pay them on time without quibbling! If you don’t trust them, THEN DON’T HIRE THEM! If you do trust them, then you will reach your milestones and beyond.

When I started my successful non-profit 18 months ago, I needed someone whose judgment is superlative, who is completely loyal, honorable, knows his or her discipline like I know how to shoot arrows from the back of a galloping horse and hit the bulls eye. I needed someone who is accessible, fun to work with, imaginative, a great listener, and someone who could help me change my expectations of success when I needed to change. I respect someone who is willing to take risks, unapologetic for being willing to experiment to find a path to success, and who was very encouraging along the way. Because I am the very opposite of a micro manager, I needed someone to whom I could delegate a complex task that needed to happen, even when I wasn’t certain how to accomplish the task myself. After all, if I could do it, why would I hire a consultant?

If you are like me, you know that an expert is always an excellent investment in your company. Regardless of the cost, a great CPA or attorney will always be worth the money because they find ways to actually pay for themselves. This is exactly how I would describe Christy Gill. She is worth the price, even if it were twice what she charges! I highly recommend Christy for her sophisticated knowledge of her job, how to find ways to wring out revenue during the process, and the guts and imagination to truly partner with anyone along to the path to success.

Todd Mathis

CEO, National Horse Archery Association

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