Sent to expose the leaders of a human trafficking ring, an undercover agent must choose between protecting his family and offering hundreds of prisoners the invaluable gift of freedom.

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Twenty-one year old Taddeo Pravo volunteers to go undercover with the Freedom Fighters inside Italy’s most prominent human trafficking ring to bring the leaders to justice. His urgency escalates when he discovers someone he loves held captive, waiting to be sold into prostitution. Frantic to free her before she disappears forever, Taddeo’s only hope is a slay-the-giant type of miracle from the God he’s not sure he can trust. The girl’s life is on the line, but he can’t compromise the mission. His dilemma: watch her be sold to the highest bidder to save hundreds of strangers, or put hundreds of women and children’s lives on the line to save one girl.


The End It Movement has deeply influenced me to 76,400 word novel to speak out against human trafficking and slavery. The world is awakening to find 27 million people trapped in slavery today. I want to raise awareness of the problem this has been and continues to be not just in our country but around the world. My local church has been a driving force behind the End It Movement and continues to inspire me to seek justice for others who have no voice.

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