Seattle Sites and West Coast Love

Seattle Sites and West Coast Love

The energy on the West Coast is something I have never experienced before. And I have to say–I really liked it. It was late at night and I’d just gotten picked up by a friend of mine. As exhausted as I was, I also was wide awake, so she took me to see... read more

The Breakneck Speed of a Sustainable Pace

As people-pleasing twenty-somethings trying to come into our own as adults, we often feel the need to hit the ground running right out of school. The message whispered and often shouted in our faces is that success = busyness. So much busyness, in fact, that... read more

Crabtree Falls and the Death I Witnessed

Author note: I can’t write a post about this park honestly without including my entire experience at Crabtree Falls, but I also don’t want to lure you to a post about the beauty of nature and blindside you with death. So I’m going to be as delicate... read more
Jobs, Careers, and Who I’m Not

Jobs, Careers, and Who I’m Not

Not that many years ago, I used to think every person had a set job in the world, a designated career path, if you will. Pastors, train engineers, financial consultants, teachers, web developers–there are a thousand nuances to who you are that make up the fabric... read more
Lessons From The Stars And Meteors

Lessons From The Stars And Meteors

The night was perfect–the air crisp, the sky clear. Conditions aligned beautifully for the unveiling of the Perseid meteor shower. At 11 PM, my husband and I packed our chairs in the truck bed and took off down the road to find a dark place to watch the show.... read more

My Writing Passport

I’m an author, social media consultant, a beta reader, and a lover of new and exciting (i.e. travel and cultures). My marriage to a British national has only fed my wanderlust and stirred up my curiosity and imagination. So in between writing books, I am posting my adventures and observations. Roll the windows down. Turn the music up. And let’s see where our adventure takes us. Read more.

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