I’ve found immense pleasure in my new role as mom. (What’s with all the negativity, people?) My husband and I laughed through the first few weeks of her life at all the hilarious facial expressions and totally normal things like sneezing that surprised her. Watching a new human learn is awesome. And the power to make another human’s world settle into peace in an instant is a heady experience. While skin-to-skin contact with your newborn seems to be widely understood to facilitate bonding, I’m convinced there’s a certain magic to a baby listening to a parent’s heartbeat.

A steady rhythm. An audible reassurance that things will be okay, knowing another beat is coming. And another.

Your pain might only last a few heartbeats more before it goes away.

It’s not just humans that like the pulse. Most creatures calm at the sound.

Along the same line, verbalizing your heartbeat will bring the world around you into peace. What sustains you? What drives you? What brings you calm in the chaos? What is your passion?

Not the artificial that we want the world to see and hear. But the true essence of your heartbeat. That is what will draw others to you, to sit and listen, to learn and grow, to come to peace with you and the world around them.

Instead of shouting your opinion and beliefs, let your heartbeat be heard by others. The genuine pulse will be its own magnet.

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